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2025-04-03 09:55 pm


If you're coming here due to stumbling onto an announcement that I joined the Wiki Committee, welcome!

This DW is not very active, but I will respond to any and every comment and/or inquiry if needed.

IN the meantime:

Check out Fanlore and edit a page or two in your fandom. :)
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2015-02-28 04:53 pm
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The Art of Lurk

I'm a lurking lurker who lurks. That's my fandom identity. I don't contribute fanfic, I don't contribute art, I don't contribute videos.

I'm that girl at the party who stands in the corner with her bottle of beer, watching other people have fun. Here's the secret though: it might not look it, but I'm having fun at that party.

I enjoy reading what other's wrote. I enjoy watching what other made. And I enjoy learning about what other people think in my fandoms.

So yes. THis DW wll never be active. My Tumblr will never have tons of content.
But I am in your fandoms enjoying your fannish pursuits!

/random post
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2014-12-26 12:46 am
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Arrow icons

I made icons. For reasons.
Credit is love. Comment if you like them!

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2014-12-12 06:48 pm
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I made a thing

I'm not sure what to do with the thing, but I shall explore all the possibilities and report back.

Possibly by making another thing.

There might be things you can't see, if that's the case... oops XD